Pendekar Naga Indonesia Trouble . . . . .

           town interface

As a browser based game, pendekar naga online has a simple interface graphic. As it progressed after 3 weeks of open beta, there just a lot of problem about the lagging in the server. A lot of its happen during the daily event where there are lot of people playing and especially during the nigh event ‘the nanman event’ where most of the player suffer heavy lagging and when the player tries to reload the site it only show loading screen with no entering the game until the events ended.

Although the game still fresh opened, they already opened 5 servers :

S1 – Naga Terbangun

S2 – Naga Meraung

S3 – Naga Terbang

S4- Taman Persik

S5 – Luar guanzong

Much of players complain of the problem where the publisher keeps expanding the server without handling the lagging so the publisher promised to fix the problem as until now they keep the server into 5.

It is a good game and will be very bad business if the publisher can handle the problem because all the players will quit the game. Hopefully the publisher will soon fix this lagging problem and keep this game in good service.

For gamer who wants to try this indonesian pendekar naga server can check this site :